Something About December

By 5:47 PM

I can hear the clicking and the clacking of the clock..
Where the lights glisten around the tree..
Where the snow shows itself without any shame..

But for this girl..
Where.. the grasses were green.. the skies were blue..
And there was a bell.. that didn't jingle that time..
On that little stair..
Laughter.. smile.. were replaced by tears..
And the song of sorrow...
The little thing that affected the present..
A lesson that was taught for.. this girl.. in the present time..
It was one and nine.. one and two.. twenty and eleven..
Where the Christmas atmosphere should be the one to be felt..
But last December.. last Christmas.. was.............................
Waved me goodbye.. without any second word.. then went... away..
More than 365 days.. and I can still recall it all..

Smiling like an idiot when December comes...
Inhale and exhale...
This sinking feeling...
Let all these memories hold you close no matter where you are..

This is something about December..

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