Day 1 Without Social Media

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Day 1 without social media... :)

It went well.. :) seriously.. hahahaha...
I feel so much lighter than ever...
But I admit that holding an urge to open Social Media is hard enough to do.. ._.
Especially a longing that came so suddenly..
A longing for some special people in it..
But luckily I was not stupid enough to follow that urge..
I know that it will hurt me.. I know that it will send me into the deeper hole..
I know that it will sink my feelings..
So this is the best thing that I can do for a while...
Social Media is such a chain that binds my brain..

3 months plus 2 weeks without them... without the people in my community..

Well, I don't know whether I really can do this or not..

But honestly I want to do this so much..

So there's no chance for another stupid thought.. :)

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