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Are you actually this imaginary person I talk to ?

Figment of my imagination..

I don't truly understand..

When I stare into those orbs..


Are you a part of immortality ??

Have you ever aged ??

I haven't seen any sign of additional years that I'm desperately looking for..

All these years.. I've been waiting.. long enough

I wish to see you.. in flesh..  even for just a mere glimpse of your face to satisfy this longing..

I wish these shattered image of yours which is messing with my brain will stop intruding my sleep..

Back in time, you, still in that youthful body of yours..

That goodbye felt so random..

You and your goddamned pride...

Words of separation... no.. those were not for separation...

" Thank  you "

Hell I didn't have any idea..

You took a step forward...

Each time I took mine, you took twice as much..

Why did you cast away your existence so foolishly ?

You and your selfish idea.. You and your stupid view of life..

Each time, I tried to sleep..

I talked to you..... wishing that you would answer me back..

How foolish I was..

How long did it take for me to realize that it was only my projection.. ?

The thought of having you here next to me...

Holding you close so you could never fade away..

Were just plainly nonsense..

Under this same sky...

This time, even you are there..

I will reach your back.. I don't care how much more I have to bleed from this excruciating pain..


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