Peace of Mind

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Sometimes, you just need some time to relax..
I'm not a patient person by nature.. It hurts knowing a lot of possibilities that may happen..
I found some new friends.. but they just couldn't get what I'm feeling right now..
I don't want to burden them with these problems that I'm facing right now..

Have you ever felt that you do everything wrong ?
I have bad attitudes.. I know that all people in this world have..
I don't want to repeat the same mistake twice..
So I avoid getting too close with guys with strange intention.. I feel like I'm not who I used to be..
I'm afraid of falling..
At the same time, I know I'm getting more mature..

I want to be there for these new friends.. but we barely know each other..
And it scares me to think that I may hurt them in the future.. and the opposite..
I don't want them to know..
I love them all..
Just being right by my side and telling me stupid  jokes is more than enough..
I don't want to be involved in some kind of drama with my impulsive tendency..

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