Thanking these Precious People

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I can't believe that I'm 18 already.. loads of responsibilities are waiting ahead. 

So.. I still don't know about my exam results yet.. 
Sometimes it scares me..
Sometimes it sheds my tears.. 

Am I gonna leave this house ?? soon ??
So... finally I'm going to be a real grown up.. 
hahaha.. it sounds funny.. really...

Have I really grown up ??
Am I gonna see the new sky ??
Can I bravely face the future challenges ?? 

I have a dream... but I don't know who I'm gonna be...
I honestly have this tingling sensation I can't explain.. 

Thank you for always being here.. God..
Through all the problems and crazy things..
Through those mean stares and whispers.. 
You were there...

Thank you for giving birth to me Mom.. 
Even though I didn't really understand you sometimes.. 
I love you even though in the past I didn't act like I did..
And I could tell that we were basically the same.. 
But I had some different inherited behaviors from Dad.. 

Thank you for supporting me through this all, Dad.. 
You were the one who took me to the playground for the first time..
You were the one who taught me about God.. 
You were the one who accompanied me through my 12 years of education.. 
You were the one who knew my worst problems.. 

Thank you for being a good sister, Denise..
I was a stupid onee-chan back then.. 
I was a jealous prat, when you were still a little child..
I didn't take a good care of you, instead I hurt you a lot..
but I'm glad that I finally can reach the " good sister standard "..

Thank you for my best friend, Lea..
Even though I was a really imbalanced teenage girl back then..
You were still there to support me through it all..
Even when I was avoided by them..
You were the only friend who was there for me..

Thank you for coming into my life, Tonny..
Even though I was an emotional girl back then.. 
You had given those precious 3 months for me..
Patiently listened to my silly sob stories..
And kindly gave me that jogja shirt.. Acted like an idiot.. and did little things that made me feel fuzzy and warm inside.. hahaha ~~
Now I'm a grown up.. don't hesitate to contact me and lets be friends okay ?? 

Sometimes I regret for being such a brat to my parents..
I hope there's still enough time for me to make all of them, my special people happy..
If only I could turn back in time.. 
I promise that I'm gonna fix all those mistakes I've made..
If someday I leave this town... 
I hope I can be a better Grace for you guys...  when I'm back.. ~~ 

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