Be Here

By 2:27 AM

You said..
That you'd be back.. in no time..
I could only see your back fades away.. into darkness..
I couldn't hold these tears any longer..
Far away.. there...

Can you hear my silent voice ?
Wishing upon a star.. that you'll be here.. someday..
This sinking feeling when you take your steps..
Smiling widely.. you know it's a lie..
You know that you have no idea what will happen in the future..
It's not like I doubt you.. I want you to be here... someday...
No scar.. no blood...

I hope God will bring you back............
and I'm going to convey these 1000 words.. someday...
I will hold all your promises dear in my heart..

That night when you left me there...
What did you have in your mind ?
Did you feel the same way ?
Did you feel that very same heaviness nagging you ?
I knew.. it was concealed behind your smile..

Be here.... please...

Author's note :
This random note is kinda crappy I guess.. T_T I didn't get the feeling right.. while listening to Koda Kumi's 1000 no kotoba.. it's a very sad song..really.. I think I'm just not in mood to write something sappy and sad even though it's my specialty.. :') I miss writing some sad and inspirational posts.. It was that time when I was still in grieve for something that is really not worth it.. -__-  lol :3 ~~
hope you like it fellas.. ~

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