Fluttering Cherry Blossoms

By 2:23 PM

Remember when you walked through this path

I saw your back
In the middle of springtime 
Cherry blossoms 
The witness of our goodbye

I couldn't even understand what I was feeling
I couldn't let you go.. yet I couldn't stop you there
Tears were glistening.. 
You said " Thank you "
And left..
Left me unconscious.. 
My heart clenched.. ached.. 
You were gone with the wind

Now.. Staring into nothingness..
At the riverside..
On a tree branch..
Trying to understand
Beneath the underneath 

The beautiful flush on you face
Embarassed just because a little gesture
I can no longer borrow your shoulder
For me to lean on
Your body that's always in front of me
Trying to protect me

One day we will meet..
But.. maybe that time..
I will have no idea how to face you..

I'm trying to be tougher this time..
I'm going to show my bravery..
Unlike the last time... 
I'm going to be the one that you can lean on..

Right here.. 
I hope you're okay..
And I hope you remain the same 
An even though you don't
I will understand this time

I'm going to let this lantern go into the night sky
I know God will hear my prayer
Like I believe in God
I do believe in you
And I hope this lantern will bring you back
To me

This time.. I don't intend to let go... 
I will wait..
And if one day it happens..

" Okaerinasai.. Sasuke.. " 

NB :
Geez I have nothing to do. so I end up writing some poemfic for SasuSaku shippers. By listening to some japanese songs ( mostly Supercell's ). I can understand how sakura felt that time.. T_T kinda sad tho.. 


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