I Found Myself Again.. How About You ?

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I've never expected that I can go this far.. hahahahaha... remember 2 years ago when I was still an inexperienced and awkward freshman. Until now I have seen all impossible things that according to human's eyes.. are impossible. Doubted.. looked down.. miserable. I walk through this path.. with Him.. the only God that's real.. the only God who's there when you need or don't need Him.

Most of the people maybe wonder.. whether God is real or not.. God hears their prayers or not. They try to find a way.. to meet the highest Being. But they're trapped.. they're fooled. There's an Infinity Love that knows no boundary.

Jesus is real.. Jesus is everywhere. You're trying to find an answer.. You're trying to seek comfort. It's Him.

Believe me.. I was in your position once. When the person that you believed the most, betrayed you.. and left you.. broken into pieces. It might sound too much... What could I say ? I was still an awkward teenager, Innocent. I was confused.. and...... I thought It was better to commit a suicide after that person left me. I was so stupid. I was miserable. Whenever I saw him.. I was so scared.. awkward.. self conscious. I wasn't myself anymore. I wondered..

" God.. why did you let this happen to me ? "

For almost 1 year I didn't get any answer..... I blamed everything on God...
What a fool I was...

But then I grew up.. day by day.. the pain from my ex, drew me closer to Him.. I was closer more than ever to God..

God wanted to be close with His children.. I was a foolish teenager.. cried the whole way home.. asking this and that..

I wasn't thankful enough to realize what God wanted to convey through it...
Then I came into my sense...
He healed my pain.. and took it away.. the put together the broken pieces.

Now.. when I remember it... I smile... I know that He's the only one who will never leave me. No more painful tears. Can you imagine if you're in my position ? Who'll hear you ?? Who will understand you ?? You can't rely on your friends.. you mama or papa. Even a mother can ruthlessly abort her baby. If you tell them your pain... the can't fully understand you. They're not in your position.. they don't feel the same pain.

But Jesus.. He's the only one who'll never protest. He knows you even before you appear in you mother's womb. Jesus was willing to sacrifice Himself... at the Cross.. as a payment for your sins.

I find my peace.. my comfort.. in Him.. Jesus. Jesus is real. Being teenager sure.. wasn't easy.. changing hormones.. irrational mind.. but don't avoid the process... pass through it.. with Jesus.. :) .

Wake up.. accept Him.. let Him enter your heart... He'll give you peace that you can never find in everything..

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