Gleeks and Gleeks

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Since I started to do my practical VHS Job as a DI assistant, and Since I started to watch subscribed TV,  I began to love GLEE !!! WOOT !!

The first time I watched Glee, I felt like it was too harmful for teenager ( Which I was still 14 years old ) like me. Honestly I love musical drama, like High School Musical where the love story of Troy and Gabriella decorating the whole movie. But seriously, Glee is DIFFERENT !! It's more into the reality, not a perfect happily ever after dreamy story like we usually see, but it consists of all the teenagers' issues nowadays in USA. Just the way they are.. it shows you many different characters in Teenagers' life.

The point is :
"  What seems good is not always good and What seems bad is not always bad. "
" Don't judge the book by its cover. "

The characters in Glee is not like it always appears, this drama gives us another point of view of a character's personality. For example, Rachel is surely the protagonist in this story, but she has some dark sides with her, one of the dark side is ambitiousness in protecting her solo role in Season 2. When she sees Sunshine Corazon as a threat for her solo role. Plus in Glee, I couldn't help but download all the cool songs in it, the actress and actors in Glee are high qualified singers and dancers. Glee teaches me some great point of view of myself and another people in my life. 

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