Through It all

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Lately, I've been out of Facebook for a week. Well, it brings many benefits for my life. People with Social Media addiction can be categorized as Psychotics. They have no life or they spend most of their time on updating, chatting, tweeting and things that you can do in Social Media. I realized it.. That was why I decided to deactivate my account for the umpteenth time, even though it makes me so unsocial in this cyber world. It opens my eyes to the things that I usually have no urge to do. Helping my mom, doing my jobs, playing with my dogs and it's been a long time since I did those all. I decided to breathe.. to take a rest for all sort of social cyber activities. I've been through a lot these past months.. I can't tell how many tears I've shed and how many times I felt miserable then cried. As I'm growing up.. things in the Bible become more and more real. I'm facing my " soon to be an adult " phase now. Not just physically, but also mentally. Only God know how many times I was failed to hold firm onto His words. This Process doesn't take such short time to be passed. Not only my flesh demeanor, but people around me... like a new challenge appearing for you right in front of you and waiting to be passed. Sometimes I feel like I need to get rid this toxin in my head and those toxins around me for a while. I have no idea how people seem nice, and the next second, the kindness evaporates nowhere. God knows how many times... it has put me down.. but a think I need to be so thankful for.. I don't run away from the problems like people do. I did it and I 'd faced it. My problems are ashes in front of His eyes. I'm grateful because I'm a Christian, and I'm proud of it. I'm grateful because I've been reborn with Accepting Jesus Christ as my God and my Savior since I was little. I'm grateful because I have a family, especially my Dad, who is used by God to taught me about Himself. I know my life is different from all the rest of teenagers. I was taught that I have to hold Words in the Bible whenever I'm placed in a situation which tempts my faith. I'm not better than another Christian or Non-Christian teenagers, I'm even worse than them all. I realized who I am, worthless, reckless, arrogant, egoistic but I'm amazed that the mightiest God in this universe, Jesus Christ is willing to give His love for me. He had changed me for better. Through all the problems, sins, and faults. He's still here, everywhere, watching me. Even if I run away from Him, He waits for me to come back, He let something happens for me to come back, to His embrace.

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