Working Day

By 4:27 PM

Soo... It's been a long time since I wrote my last post..
Well, Since I worked to finish my practical work program in Vocational School.. It felt like I have no time to write a post.. My mind. my eyes, and my fingers are directed toward knowledges about graphic software that lie beneath YouTube..
Everything seems so damn monotone.. but the fabulous thing is this ridiculously fast connection I got here..
It feels like the scars I got in the past has never existed.. even though sometimes there's still longing I feel in my daydream.. but It's healed as time passes by..
And the biggest problem that I need to solve is MY SORE NECK AND SHOULDERS.. !!!
They are petrified !!!! Maybe it's because I spent too much time in front of my ASUS LCD Monitor..
Gosh.. and the coolest thing about practical work is I don't have ridiculous amount of assignments that I have to do in time..
Well, It's quiet fun to meet some blokes and women that are above about 20 years old.. Working with just my beloved lily lolo laptop... XD
And nooooowwww... My watery eyes are swollen... and tired... ==" gosh..

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