Happy New Year Bloggerville !! The Spirit Came Back !!

By 12:18 AM

It's already 2013.. yeah.. Happy New Year !!

Walking through this new day.. hmm.. I actually.. have nothing to write.. -_-
Except I feel Pottermore.com had brought my Hogwarts spirit back !!!  Wooo Hoo !!!
And gues what ?? I was sorted by the sorting hat.. anddd I'm a Ravenclaw nowww !! *tearyeyes*
I don't know.. since the first time I watched Harry Potter I had a feeling that Ravenclaw suits me so much.. and It's true.. :) yaay !!!
The colors of Blue and Bronze.. Oh my.. I'd found my new family in Pottermore.com.. my fellow Ravenclaws.. each time I entered the common room I felt like I'm home.. well with many friends from all over the world such as USA, Canada, UK etc..
I don't really remember what thing that brought me to love this fiction.. I mean Harry Potter as well..
Maybe because the extraordinary things that contained in it.. They are all unique.. And obviously not boring as we used to see in the real world.. Adventures..
About the couples.. well.. I prefer Dramione.. Draco and Hermione.. :') they are the exact opposite of each other.. but I want them to be a couple.. :'( seriously..

And Tom Felton looks so damn gorgeous.. XD I fell in love with him !!! <33 seriously..="seriously..">

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