I wonder...

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I wonder....

How can the galaxy be this massive ??

No one.. No human.. No creature.. in this world which can exactly give an exact answer..

I wonder...

How do everything in this world can keep itself balanced ??

Creatures of Creation.. keep all the synergies... how ??

Amazing theorem about this universe...


Big bang theory..

Anti material substance...

Centripetal forces which causes centrifugal forces that make all the planets stay at their orbits with no mess..
With a help of gravitation.. without hitting one another.. without getting sucked by the sun... neatly arranged..

How can the numbers be an exact measurement for everything ??

We can put everything in numbers form..

How could the greeks think about all their Gods and Deities ??
Created some infamous stories..
Zeus.. Poseidon.. Hades.. Athena.. Aphrodite.. Ares.. Demeter.. Artemis..
Satyrs.. Centaurs.. Cerberus.. Nymphs.. Dragons.. other strange creatures out of our thought..
The Titans ?? The Olympians ??
Exactly describing human being.. detailed.. beautifully wrapped in this kind of story..
Those all bring influences for the future... 

How could the Mayans predict the space ?? predict all the constellations ??

How could the Egyptians create the Pyramid.. ?? people that lived thousands years ago could make a modern concept about architecture.. giving influences for us.. the present people..

Aries.. Taurus.. Gemini.. Cancer.. Leo.. Virgo.. Libra.. Scorpio.. Sagittarius.. Capricorn.. Aquarius.. Pisces..
Ascendants.. Descendants.. Rising Points..
Chiron.. Ceres.. Pallas.. Juno.. and Vesta...

Da Vinci.. Einstein.. Phytagoras.. Shakespeare.. Archimedes.. Pierre de Fermat..
Influential people..


I wonder.............................

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