Responsibility ?

By 12:12 AM

Somehow these days I am not who I was back then..

I want to do a lot of things..

But I tend to leave it all..

What should I do ?

I tend to let it unsolved..

What am I seeking ?

Who am I ??

I need a rest..

Lord.. let me seek You..

I am not a bigot like who I was back then..

Somehow I become more an more rational..

but less and less trusting..

I depend on my own power..

And somehow I start forgetting You, unlike I was back then..

Back then..

I trusted You with all my heart..

and I asked you everything...

Your Words are my source of power..

Have I become lost ?

I am afraid...

I am afraid of my younger self, who judged people from appearance..

That is why I am who I am now...

Can I seek Your warmth, Your presence, like it was before..

But still being me today...

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