College ?

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My First Group of Friends in ITB

Yay, Writing has always been my most used escape to release my feelings and thoughts...

Soooo, College has started ~ yay ~ but no, I'm not gonna post about " the promised " time management thing, or something related to college hacks. I need a lot of time to think, so I can provide you a really detailed post. But I hardly get some time alone :'v because... seriously..  I have never felt this busy in my life. Maybe because I've been used to the " nothing to do " condition.

I don't even know whether I need to be blunt or not, because something tells me that If  I blurt all out there'll be another disaster. Yeah, the best escape is to implicitly write your feelings.

Mmmmkay, now I'm not in mood to write anything sappy, nor poetic. This feels like uncertainty, like I need something to let these all out. Writing in circles is my specialty. Heck I don't even know what I'm gonna write :'' .

To be honest, I kinda expected College life to be this busy.. I thought I was ready for it..
and now, HELL YEAH... I'm hella ready for this ~~
Some things seemed so tough, like the distance, the new atmosphere, new system.
I'm still trying to fit myself in the community.

Kinda awkward because you're a year older from you're supposed to be.

But College is a lot of fun.. because you don't need to bring unnecessary notes, you're free to do your own writing style. You'll have cool professors, whom you can ask about anything related to the class. And I've never felt this satisfied of knowledge. And there's this cool Library which has Air Conditioner, A lot of sofas, and study desks where you can sit down, charge your phone, and do your assignments. Yeah, my place feels like heaven for brainiacs.

Collages of The Student Orientation "Photo Session"

Sometimes I feel exhausted.... beyond exhausted... but I'm happy that I can meet a lot of new friends. Even though I don't always have capability to fit in. I have such different way of thinking, oftenly they will see me with those skeptical eyes. And I don't trust anyone unless God. I can see people, through their soul. It's kinda creepy but it's true. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, I don't want to depend on others.. what I mean is being too dependable toward the others. I don't want to hold on to them, because I can't trust anyone in wholly giving myself for committed friendship. I don't need people to accompany me to the bathroom, I don't want to walk in pack, I'm different I know. Sometimes being alone gives you this kind of serenity where you can think straightly. I don't want to be bothered by romance. Because when I like someone, I hardly can focus on certain things. Even if I do like someone, I don't think this thing will work :'' because crush is just a flash of feelings. Even if I do like someone, I think I'm going to ignore the stupid hormones. ~ Humanity is something simple, yet complicated. And sometimes we complicate it even more. I know God has provided the best. Sometimes I feel like saying " baper " is a hypocrisy, feels like I'm lying to myself. I have my own way, and I'm tired pretending :'''. Because life is just beautiful, and I don't need another wrong kind of person to fill this story. Human tends to follow the society, and I start doing that. But then I realize that I don't have to be like them.

*smh* thanks for reading this random post ~

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