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Long time ago, I thought that family is all about sunshine and rainbow.
Where your mom will love you dearly.
That hurts, I've never felt like I have a pure motherly figure in my life.
Yea I know, she's my mom, she gave birth to me.
My innocence got me again.
And this storm is currently raging.

More than that, more than this..

Sometimes I just want to escape from the reality and go somewhere else.

How does it feel ?

What is marriage ?

Isn't marriage supposed to be something that you cherish for your entire life ?

Because we promise in front of God, under God's name.

I don't get selfishness.

It's heavy, Lord.... Who am I gonna be ? I didn't expect this to be burdensome..

No, I don't get it at all...

How to handle this when I'm this fragile ??

Do I deserve everything ?

Family isn't everything...

Looks could be deceiving...

Blood also.. could be deceiving..

So what is our sole purpose in life ??

Besides glorifying Your name and waiting for You to come..

Let them who pretend to be concerned judge me..
Their slick tongue and fingers will ease this pain for a while...
Comforting words and written comfort..
Just for a while..
Behind my back as usual..
Because we'll never experience hypocrites shortage..
Blood could be a cunning hypocrite...
I'm also a hypocrite myself..

This time will it be different ??
I know You wrote this scenario....
You wrote that this is my own dessert...
Will I be able to pass this ??

You've seen this happened before...
You've been there....  You've been here...
Just don't let me fall... don't let me fall....

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