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Until today.. I wonder what's the real purpose of my life.. ?
I don't know.. yet..
It seems different.. It's unfamiliar...
The biggest prize is waiting ahead..
But am I even worth it ?

"Life is unfair..."

Said one of the sayings..

Am I even loved ? Am I even worth it ?
Everything looks precious.. How about me ?

Am I permitted to be different ??
Or Can I use my own way ??

They're asking...
God.. I don't know how to do it..

Give me some clues..
Heal this throbbing pain...
I'm confused yet scared...
Please lead the way..
Make this simpler.. easier..
Either solve this riddle or give me enough wisdom to solve it..
Walk with me and make sure I'm safe..

Am I alone ?
Please be here... I know you're here and there...
Please never leave me.. because I don't know if I would survive without You..
Please hold my hand because I'm honestly scared..
Please make me understand that I don't have to be afraid..
Please.. without You I'm nothing...

People will never be the same.. as the time changes..
I don't know whom I can rely on..
They ask me things where they never put their nose on..
Am I even destined to do this.. this way ??
Harder.. ?? more painful ?? no help except from You ??

I need a boost energy of faith... of love... of understanding...
Because honestly.. I'm tired...........
Keep me awake.. keep me alert...
I'm nothing without You...

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