By 2:07 AM

This dawn I've been thinking a lot..
Silence... Doubt.. They are close..
Separated.. some steps between..
Bone chilling cold..
Closing eyes for a second..
Falling into a deep thought..
It's so quick yet slow..
On the other side of this wall..
I can hear your heart beating..
I can feel your breath.. inhaling.. exhaling..
The warmth I've been longing for so long..
I'm soulless.. blankly staring at the emptiness..
My chest feels so tight.. asphyxiate..
It's not physiological.. but psychological..
I'd been wanting to approach you..
Unfortunately those blank eyes stopped me..
Staring with no light, not like they used to.. 
Who was the stealer of your soul ??
Who did this to you ??
Left you so empty behind..
An enigmatic riddle I haven't solved yet.
Prosaic guess...
It's vacillating, not a status quo..
I need to see that light again..
Even just for a second, or a centisecond, or a milisecond..
Then I will leave in peace... 

By Grace Helena

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