A little ( or maybe big ) thing called love..

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I remember the first time we met it was like a miracle..
Made our way downtown.. Holding hands together..
The sun shone.. And I had no reason to cry..
My phone was my world.. my world was you.. 

I didn't think that you'd mean this much to me..
Back to the tragedy..Thousands times..
You pull then push.. pull then push.. 
I didn't know why.. but I still feel the same..

Couldn't you see that you affect me this much ??
Sitting here.. seeing you there...
Blaming each other on social media..
Smiling so suddenly when I thought of you..

Put my headsets on.. Let Taylor Swift whispers..
Ignore the world.. 

I don't know how strong the power is..
I don't know either how to kick it out and throw it away..
It's beautiful yet painful..
I just wanna say I'm simply missing you..
But you will just ignore and come again sometimes..

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