The First..

By 3:27 PM

I sat in a room..

A crowded room..

Well, I was in my usual outfit..

Complete with glasses..

The leader started to lead.. on the stage.. i know..

I stared blankly.. Sleepy face.. Yawning..

I decided to look to the right...

My eyes started to bulge..

I saw you.. I saw you.. I saw you again...

Still with your nice and kind face..

Down to earth self..

You were taller than me..

 I decided to say " Hi " and give you " five "...

We shook hands.. they were still as warm as 7 years ago..

Elementary school.. 3rd grade..

I remembered..

When you taught me about conversion.. kilometer.. meter..  etc..

When we were little..

You were a kind of person who always smiles to another people.. no matter who they are..

It's funny..
remembering our childhood... stupid.. yet silly.. :)

My first.. love..

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